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stock photos, stock photo, fine art prints, stock photography, digital artwork, digital oil painting, digital watercolor, digital stock photography, photo, photographer, artist, artisan

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About Us

>I have been a commercial photographer off and on since the 1970's. Over the years using film cameras I have had problems with getting my photos to come out the exactly as I "saw" them when shooting the image. Now that digital photography has come about, I am now able make adjustments to the photo and get the look and feel to the image that I really like. I am involved with the whole process from shooting the photo to developing it myself. It has taken time and patience to get the work flow down and the color correction correct, but it has come together.  Over the past several years I have attended four intensive workshops to make sure I am up to date with Photoshop and now Lightroom. The classes I have taken with Seth Resnick and Jamie Spritzer from D-65 have taken me where I need to be in this digital world of photography.


Since then, I have taken my photography to the next level by participating in a workshop with Jay Maisel. I thought I had my bar set high until I went to Jay’s workshop; it needed to go much higher. Jay’s passion for his work challenged me not only as a photographer but as a person. Jay provided just the right amount of “encouragement” to go out and really look at the world from a whole new perspective. The workshop was an intense yet supportive dialogue on all things creative through a camera’s aperture.  Jay’s experience and talent provided the focus for each participant in the group. In Jay’s critiques, he would bring up at looking at what is going on in the background of your photo. This forced me to look at my subject and how I put it in the frame in a different way.  To put it simply, it was a great deal of fun while at the same time rewarding.


The next workshop I attended was the Maine Media Workshop with Arthur Meyerson.  The class was titled “Color Of Light”.  My experience during Arthur's “Color Of Light,” workshop was spectacular! The workshop challenged us to ease out of our comfort zones and abandon our familiar habits in order to introduce new ways of shooting our photos. Once we started to realize Arthur’s method of encouraging creativity through fresh ways of thinking, it became more and more enjoyable. We had group critiques that took place everyday after shooting and they reinforced this, as well as brought fresh perspective to our work. The highlight for me was when I had a one-on-one session with Arthur the third day of class. That hour really helped me to see the good, the bad and the ugly of my work. Arthur’s influence has shown me how to elevate the way I see, think about and shoot my photos. Arthur recognizes the personal style and vision of every photographer while he pushes you to try a different approach. Overall, the collective nature of this particular workshop energized me and helped me to visualize my photos in innovative ways. It was the best workshop I have attended and why I am joining him in Cuba this year.


I have taken my photography and video up another step again by adding DJI copters. With the copters I can give my clients a bird-eye view of their landscaping project, property or golf course. This is new, unique and impressive. I believe anyone that is in business today could benefit from the use of this media.   Go to Aerial video and photography to see some examples.


>In this site you will see a collection of my digital photos. I hope you enjoy them.

> Photographers Light Box Is a Gallery of photographs for purchase. We are selling prints on two different papers. The first is Kodak Professional Lustre. The other is Hahnemuhle - German Etching a fine art matte paper. This heavyweight etching board is velvety-smooth with a fine surface texture. German Etching is one of the most popular media worldwide for artwork and photography.

> We are able to accommodate other paper and sizes other than the one's listed on the photographs. I will also do downloads of files. Please go to contact us tab and let us know your needs. We'll get back to you with pricing and terms.

All printed photographs sold will not have a copyright marking on it.

> If want to see the story behind the photos go to Photography by McGraphics

> We are also an ISP (Internet Service Provider) so if you are in need of our services at McGraphics, please check it out.



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